Often times it is said that opposites attract because they are able to find balance between what each other has to offer.  There is much truth to this thought, with the caveat fact that there must be multiple interests that the two of you have in common as well. Finding common interests should not be a challenge because you are naturally drawn to people where some likeness has brought the two of you together; otherwise you would not be together. As the dates increase and the relationship grows, you end up having to decipher if the common interests and unique differences truly provides enough balance to sustain a pleasing relationship. Cognizant that in all relationships you must celebrate each other’s differences, it is often nice for couples to do intentional actions that bring each other together. Matching, or otherwise known as ‘twinning,’ is one way to gain positive results. This can be done subtly by matching with clothing color hues, or more overtly done by wearing the same shoe style or coordinating a unified theme. 

What you should expect to happen in your relationship if you decide to match:  

  1. The final decision on how the two of you will go about twinning will signify an agreement on something which represents a unified thought. The more passionate we become in our relationships, the more we want to be heard and understood by our partner. This constant desire to be appreciated for uniqueness can be tiring and possibly cloud the sincere reasons why you actually enjoy being with your partner. During the moment of matching each other, you are subconsciously reminded that the two of you can come together and be happy with each other. In this same vain, you are also reminded by the fact that similarities extending beyond the matching moment exist between the two of you
  2. You will ignite thoughts of innocence and pureness about your relationship. Typically, matching is something done in your younger years. As you grow older there is a standard norm by which you will embrace your own uniqueness in style and presence that shows the world how special you are. The act of doing something reminiscent of youthful behavior creates natural endorphins of joy and happiness. Think about how exciting it is to show up to a themed party anticipating what everyone’s interpretation of the theme is going to be. Then once you are there, the energy is so high because everyone is continuously complimenting each other due to unified feelings created through the theme. Now imagine this feeling on a more intimate, personal level with your partner. The two of you will gaze at each other with smiles, smirks, and giggles because you will appreciate each other’s effort for doing something out of the norm (yes, a little bit corny), but all for the sake of each other’s enjoyment. Pure bliss will be felt between the two of you. 
  3. Your matching theme will attract attention from others. As much as we shy away from the thought of impressing others, we all have an innate feeling of wanting to be recognized and appreciated by others. Whether you want affirmation for your style, personality, charitable efforts, or hard work ethics - a simple acknowledgment is nice to hear every once in a while. Well, the positive comments, stares, and attention from others will provide a proud moment that the two of you will experience as a couple. People’s adoration will inspire them to want to do a unified activity with their partner. Consequently, you will have the sense of pride by feeling a step ahead because you already have an enjoyable, trendsetting relationship. 

A lasting memory will surely be made at the conclusion of the matching moment so you must take many pictures! When you look back on the pictures, you will reminded of the joy the two of you bring one another. On the days when the joy is not as recognizable, those pictures will provide solid evidence that it is possible for the magic of your relationship to exist when mutual effort is put forth.