Makes sense, right?! Before you side-eye, recognize there are elements that make this a true statement:

  1. Think back to how you felt once you were officially ready to either go out for dinner with friends, walked into an important board meeting or attended an annual gala event. Typically, for each occasion, you would have picked out your best outfit, completed a preparation workout and given yourself a slight pep talk before heading out the door. At the end of all of this, you are feeling, at minimum, good about yourself. Even before you have been seen by others and adorned with their praises, simply knowing that you have taken every necessary step to identify the aesthetic controllables -  you feel ready with confidence. Recognize the importance of knowing what makes you feel your best. This feeling allows you to interact at your best level of attractiveness. 
  2. The requirement we have for our partner changes as our life circumstances change. Often, dating checklists are more superficial when we are younger and although the list may grow as we get older, the superficial requirements get slowly omitted. We start to identify what we really find attractive. We often realize that what is considered perfect hair may not be as attractive as a stable work / life balance routine. On more than a few occasions, there are the unexplainable attraction levels that only work for certain individuals. The cliche saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is classically true. So true that the best relationships have excluded outside viewpoints and truly concentrate on what he or she finds attractive in their mate. Ironically, the higher the level of attraction that you have found in your mate changes how others may identify your mate’s attractive level. Even if your mate’s physical attractiveness may not fit a cookie cutter mold, others will start to agree with your judgement based on the perception of your appreciation for your partner. As each individual sees the world differently, the same goes for our particular preferences in our partner and that is why there is always someone who will find you to be attractive. 
  3. The more you accept yourself and obtain true comfortability with yourself, the more you will shine and attract like energy. Working on your inner attractiveness and wholeness is most important for the long term satisfaction of yourself and of your partner.

Each element above amplifies the fact that attractiveness is not solely a dictionary definition. Attractiveness is as you see it, feel it and express it. If you simply feel attractive, you will radiate attractiveness to others. Everyone appreciates different forms of attraction and it is okay if others do not agree with your preference. Enjoy yourself and others will want to be a part of the fun!